Ketamine Therapy Colorado

Ketamine Therapy Colorado

At Ketamine Therapy HQ, we help our clients find a certified therapist near them. We'll help you find the best ketamine therapy in Colorado free of cost and assist with your questions and concerns about the treatment.

How can ketamine therapy help patients with mental health issues? 

Ketamine was used as an anesthetic in operating rooms until studies revealed ground-breaking results about its efficacy in treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD. With over 16 million adults in the US experiencing at least one episode of depression during their lifetime and the steadily rising suicide rates, ketamine therapy is a promising and rapid treatment option to prevent fatal consequences in patients suffering from mental health problems.

Ketamine therapy rapidly reduces life-threatening thoughts and helps relieve symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. While other psychotherapies and behavioral modalities can take several weeks or months to start working, this is a safe, effective, and side-effect-free treatment option. Colorado ketamine therapy can reduce your risk for addiction and ensure a safe, immediate, and successful recovery from your mental disorders. Meeting with a ketamine infusions specialist in Colorado can help you learn more about the therapy and its benefits.

How does ketamine therapy work?

While scientists are not entirely sure how ketamine works, its mechanism relies on an antidepressant effect, which helps depression patients manage their symptoms safely and effectively. Ketamine binds itself to the brain's NMDA receptors and increases the production of a neurotransmitter called Glutamate in the spaces between neurons.

In return, Glutamate activates the connections in another receptor called the AMPA. The blockage of NMDA receptors and the activation of AMPA receptors collectively release other molecules that improve neuron communication along the new pathways. This process improves mood, thought patterns, feelings, and cognition in mental health patients. Furthermore, Special k ketamine therapy reduces the signals involved in inflammation, facilitates communication in specific areas of the brain, and alleviates mood disorders.

Things to know about ketamine therapy 

Knowing about the therapy, its uses, efficacy, etc., can help you make an informed decision before undergoing ketamine treatment in Colorado. Here is what you should know about Ketamine therapy:

  • The dose of ketamine necessary to treat depression is considerably lower than the quantity required to work as an anesthetic.
  • If you have an addiction history with alcohol or drugs, you must let your doctor know about it. Ketamine has addictive properties, and it may not be a viable treatment option for you if you have had addiction problems before.
  • Not everybody responds well to the therapy. If you show no response, further infusions are pointless and may not yield any results. In such cases, you have to try other treatments for depression.

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Ketamine Therapy Colorado

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