Lice Removal

Lice Removal

My Hair Helpers provides multiple options for lice removal, including at-home service, in-salon service, and do-it-yourself home lice treatment using our exclusive line of products. We’re committed to helping you get great results when you call us and let us know which method would work best for your family. MHH treatment comes with free education for lifetime protection against future issues.

Get the Facts About Lice

We work hard to expel common myths about lice and help our clients better understand how lice travel from host to host. One of the biggest misconceptions about lice is that they seek out dirty hair or are a plague in unclean homes- this is simply not the case. The facts show that lice actually prefer clean hair to unwashed hair- so there’s nothing shameful about having to deal with lice. You can learn more about lice in our FAQ section online or by calling an MHH specialist with your questions.

Professional Lice Removal

Before you invest in over-the-counter products that are proven ineffective in getting rid of lice, it’s important to understand that the type of lice we’re dealing with today is known as a super-breed of lice that have become tolerant of traditional treatments and OTC products. Since lice are immune to conventional products, it’s necessary to call in an expert to deal with a lice situation to ensure lice removal is effective the first time around. Our products kill lice and nits- and they’re safe to use on your family because they contain only all-natural ingredients.

Why Our Products Work

Unlike other inferior treatments, MHH’s product line includes lice treatment oil that contains 100% dimethicone that suffocates lice and stops them dead in their tracks. Lice don’t stand a chance against our products, regardless of the extent of the problem. Choose your preferred method of lice removal: call us to schedule an appointment at our salon, request an at-home treatment, or purchase our products and use in conjunction with our online tutorial.

A Lifetime Free From Lice

We don’t just want to get rid of lice and move on to the next client who calls us- we are 100% committed to helping you remain free of lice for life. A part of our treatment process is educating your family about how to prevent future issues. Our complete lice removal program will ensure your home will be free from lice for good.

MHH Serves LA County

With eight county-wide salon locations, we’re never further away than a short drive when you need a lice check or treatment. Some of our clients prefer an at-home visit for discretion or convenience. We can come to your home seven days a week, late into the evening, offering the same, professional treatment you would receive at our salon. If you suspect lice or have seen evidence of lice, call us immediately for guaranteed lice removal and same day return to school.

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