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How Ketamine therapy Helps People With Major Depression in Massachusetts

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a severe mental illness that tends to cause functional impairment in many individuals. While monoaminergic antidepressants are being used to treat MDD adequately, there are drawbacks to these antidepressants in that they may have halted onset of action, and several patients continue to stay resistant to treatment.

Even though established as an anesthetic, ketamine also produces an antidepressant effect through the use of N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA) receptor blockade and NMDA receptor-independent pathways at sub-anesthetic dose levels. A unique infusion of ketamine delivers a dramatic improvement to a great extent in clinical symptoms of MDD. It results in the resolution of severe depressive symptoms in people with MDD, including suicidal thoughts.

Other treatments for depression and anxiety take weeks and even months to show improvement in symptoms. Some people even try out various medications and approaches to gain relief. These methods also have many side effects and adverse outcomes. Whereas, in the case of ketamine therapy, one session is enough to witness improvements. Compared to the use of ketamine as an anesthetic, a much lower dose of ketamine infusions is given to patients to treat depression. 

Ketamine Therapy Massachusetts

Time is never on the side of people suffering from chronic mental illnesses. Still, the ketamines potential of rapidly curing turns the clock around on depression rates and erases the negative stigma of drugs. It has proven to be effective for various other mental health illnesses like anxiety, PTSD, neuropathic pain, etc. 

To learn more about major depressive disorder treatment through ketamine therapy, we encourage you to reach out to us. It’s better to get your treatment plan and the illness treated as soon as possible. Allow us to help you start your new journey of life and hope. Book your consultation now!

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Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Legal In Massachusetts?


Since 1970 ketamine has been an approved drug by the FDA for the maintenance and induction of anesthesia, as well as off-label infusions for the management of psychiatric disorders and chronic pain management.


Is Ketamine Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Yes! Therapy is covered my most insurance companies including but not limited to Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HMO, Humana, Cigna Health, Anthem, United Health, Medicare, Medicaid and more.

Is The Consultation Free?

Initial consultations are our clinics are always free! Give us a call today to find the Massachusetts location nearest you!

How Long Does A Session Take?

An infusion session lasts between 20-30 minutes.

How Is The Ketamine Therapy Administered?

Ketamine infusion therapy is administered via a IV bag and needle.