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Find Effective Relief for PTSD, Bipolar Depression, Severe Anxiety, Major Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Fibromyalgia and Pain Syndromes in the local Oklahoma area.

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How Ketamine Therapy Helps People With Bipolar Disorder In Oklahoma

To find the most suitable treatment for mental illnesses is critical and challenging. Medical researches still have a lot to discover about the human mind. Ketamine therapy has recently gained importance worldwide to treat mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, neuropathic pain, bipolar disorder, OCD, etc. 

Bipolar depression is a mood disorder that is very challenging to cure. Ketamine therapies have shown positive and better results in treating bipolar disorder than antidepressants. People who have bipolar disorder go through episodes of depression and mania. Patients feel happy and full of life in their manic episode, and there is a sudden shift of emotions in their depression phases, where the patients feel extremely sad and in misery. 

There are two conditions of bipolar disorder, Bipolar disorder I and Bipolar disorder II. Those with Bipolar I condition go through long phases of manic episodes, which usually last for a week. Whereas, patients going through Bipolar II get hypomanic swings that last for a few days, less than a week. Bipolar II is considered more severe than Bipolar I. Ketamine treatment focuses on stabilizing mood swings. It breaks the repetitive cycle of mania and depression. 

Ketamine Therapy Oklahoma

Some of the common risk factors of bipolar disorder include: 

  • Genetics
  • Environmental changes/factors
  • A chemical imbalance in the brain
  • Hormonal imbalances

The ’20s is considered the typical age of developing bipolar disorder. 

Conventional medical approaches to treat bipolar are not as practical as ketamine. They have addictive properties and take a long time to build up against bipolar. Ketamine, on the other hand, shows positive results in just one infusion. It reduces the symptoms and provides relief at a faster pace. 

We encourage you to reach out to us to treat Bipolar disorder through safe and effective Ketamine therapy.

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Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Legal In Oklahoma?


Since 1970 ketamine has been an approved drug by the FDA for the maintenance and induction of anesthesia, as well as off-label infusions for the management of psychiatric disorders and chronic pain management.


Is Ketamine Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Yes! Therapy is covered my most insurance companies including but not limited to Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HMO, Humana, Cigna Health, Anthem, United Health, Medicare, Medicaid and more.

Is The Consultation Free?

Initial consultations are our clinics are always free! Give us a call today to find the Oklahoma location nearest you!

How Long Does A Session Take?

An infusion session lasts between 20-30 minutes.

How Is The Ketamine Therapy Administered?

Ketamine infusion therapy is administered via a IV bag and needle.