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How ‌Ketamine‌ ‌Therapy Helps People With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder In‌ Wyoming

In seeking new treatments for trying to cure OCD, ketamine therapy has contributed positively to the psychiatric field. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a chronic illness. Patients initially go through severe obsessions, recurring ideas, and behavioral changes. To help ease their discomfort, these panic attacks force an individual to do physical and mental acts. Psychotherapy and conventional psychiatry are not the best ways to treat OCD.

It takes months for antidepressant medications and other conventional methods of treatment to show influence. For the past sixty years, all medicines used to treat anxiety and other mental illnesses have worked the same way. They increase levels of serotonin in several different neurotransmitters. High price and side effects make it extremely difficult for sufferers to decide if they should get these therapies.

However, ketamine operates differently. It does not impact the levels of serotonin. Another neurotransmitter, named glutamate, is associated.

Ketamine Therapy Wyoming

In OCD, the thoughts can vary from repeated inspection, contamination, fear of aggressive behavior, and particular concerns that don’t go away. The reason for compulsions is these obsessions. It’s what the patient does to alleviate anxiety. This relief, sadly, is short-term. It makes an individual repeat the compulsive act. The cycle could be so distressing that individuals may not be willing to leave their house, end up in the hospital, and may have thoughts of suicide or even attempts.

A small dose of infusions of ketamine helps to end anxious thoughts and low mood. It eradicates compulsive attitudes. Ketamine helps to restore healthy mental abilities and enables a healthy lifestyle to be created by people. 

Only with one infusion of low dose ketamine, people suffering from OCD or symptoms associated with depression and anxiety have shown positive outcomes. Ketamine training is an essential and prompt treatment for OCD.

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Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Legal In Wyoming?


Since 1970 ketamine has been an approved drug by the FDA for the maintenance and induction of anesthesia, as well as off-label infusions for the management of psychiatric disorders and chronic pain management.


Is Ketamine Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Yes! Therapy is covered my most insurance companies including but not limited to Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HMO, Humana, Cigna Health, Anthem, United Health, Medicare, Medicaid and more.

Is The Consultation Free?

Initial consultations are our clinics are always free! Give us a call today to find the Wyoming location nearest you!

How Long Does A Session Take?

An infusion session lasts between 20-30 minutes.

How Is The Ketamine Therapy Administered?

Ketamine infusion therapy is administered via a IV bag and needle.